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Marko Schneider

Marko's first contact with music was in 2004 when he got himself 2 Technics turntables and a mixer. After having spent uncountable hours of practicing on how to spin the decks Marko Schneider settled into Cologne's DJ scene playing in several clubs on a regular basis. Marco's musical roots are originally based in Hip Hop and [...]


Thomas Schneider aka Thompson music roots can be found in the hip hop culture of the 90ies. On his Travels in the Ruhrpott and to Berlin he was as Breaker, grafitti artist and MC active on countless jams. About Drum 'n' Bass, Jungle and Dub, he then found his Way to electronic music. Together with Micha Buch [...]

Louder than Famous @ Pydna Alliance Camp 2018 // Pre-Party

Louder than Famous and Pydna Alliance present the official "Pydna Alliance Camp" pre-party  at Artheater, Cologne. Louder than Famous Line-Up: Timid Boy   (Time has Changed Records, Paris) (Desolat, My Favourite Freaks, Louder than Famous) Thompson & Marko Schneider (Monkey League, Louder than Famous) AusemFF (MyFavouriteFreaks) Sommerer (Louder than Famous) Kotapski (Blufin, Baroque Rec., [...]

Sommerer – Journey [LTFDIG011]

Sommerer is back with his second single on Louder than Famous. Perfect for summer and the open air season, Sommerer tells an emotional story inviting you to join his journey deep into his mind. It's an outstanding release from a young talent. "Happening" is an epic mind-drifting experience - close your eyes and spread your [...]

Rollin’ Deep

Andree Wischnewski from Berlin hits the floors with two massive minimalistic deep techhouse bangers. Wild Und Verwegen are adding some experimental approaches with their very own interpretation of "Rollin Deep". Preorder (Beatport): May 25th 2018 Pre-Release (Beatport exclusive): June 8th 2018 Official Release: June 22nd 2018

Wild Und Verwegen

Pascal and Marcus – two boys one passion – Wild und Verwegen. (wild & reckless) The paths of the former solo artists crossed at a party in 2013. Till then they just knew each other from flyers. They start to chat and share their ideas about music. It quickly becomes clear, what the two interconnects, [...]

Beautiful Losers Volume 1

Louder than Famous celebrates its' first anniversary with a big shout-out to our gang of beautiful losers including Philipp Staab, Johan Mila & Danny B, Der Effekt, Ackermann, Timid Boy, Chris Maico Schmidt, Sommerer, DJ Sniper and last but not least label head Kotapski. Beautiful Losers Volume 1 comes with the best of 1 year [...]

Andree Wischnewski

It takes a long time: Andree Wischnewski has been mixing the clubs of the capital for more than sixteen years as a DJ and organizer and has rocked almost every famous dance floor in the city from the Arena Club to Maria am Ostbahnhof and the vault. But also outside the capital Andree is a [...]

Warren Harris aka Hanna

Warren Harris, better known as Hanna, is an incredibly prolific producer and multi-instrumentalist from Cleveland, Ohio who has released a string of consistently respected singles and albums over many years now. The first Hanna release was called Freshglow on the label Metamorphic in 1997. Between 1999 and 2002, he released four full-length albums as Hanna [...]

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