Live & Wired

Louder than Famous live & wired

[mvc_infobox info_style=”mega_info_box_2″ info_opt=”show_icon” icon_size=”70px” icon_height=”120px” icon_radius=”5px” border_width=”2px” line_height=”1″ font_icon=”fa fa-exclamation-triangle” icon_color=”#ffffff” icon_bg=”#dd3333″ border_clr=”#0c0c0c” info_title=”Notification:” title_size=”1.5em” info_desc=”Our collaboration with Evosonic Radio ended in June 2018. There won’t be any further Louder than Famous show broadcast.
But as we are still louder than famous we can assure you that there will be a new show on 674FM some time this year.
We will announce more details on our website and via our social media profiles within the next couple of weeks.
Thanks for your patience and for staying with us!” desc_size=”0.875em”]