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Kotapski ’s style behind the decks varies from deep house, tech house to groovy techno. He has been playing at clubs and events in Germany and Europe such as Wilde Renate (Berlin), Odonien (Cologne), Artheater (Cologne), Index (Weilerswist), Mogambo (Ulm), Atomic (Cologne), Fabrik (Limburg), Blauer Turm (Tübingen), Partysan out in Space (Albstadt, Germany), Summer Vibes Open Air (Kempten, Germany), Pydna Alliance @ Nature One Festival 2018 (Germany), World Club Dome – Winter Edition 2018 (Düsseldorf, Germany), Ravers Beach (Croatia) to name just a few. Apart from playing gigs Kotapski has hosted a radio show on Cologne’s online radio station 674FM until 2015 as well as the Louder than Famous Live & Wired radio show broadcasted on a monthly basis every first Thursday until June 2018 on Evosonic Radio.

Kotapski has released on labels such as VIVa Music, Monza Ibiza Records, My Favourite Freaks Music, Monkey League, Blufin Records, Yellowtail Records, Baroque Records, Natura Viva, Evosonic Records, Partysan Records, Lost Vegas Records and his own Cologne-based imprint „Louder than Famous“. His passion for music productions is also reflected in remixes he did for artists like Cyberdelics, Detroit-based artist Hanna, Ausem FF & Doepp, Andree Wischnewski, Keemo feat. Cosmo Klein and others.
Kotapski’s tracks have been supported by high-profile artists like, Mladen Tomic, Mucho Stylez and others.


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