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What You'd Like (Original Mix)

Sid Vaga & Rocco Careri – What You’d Like

Info and tracklist

Dive into the pumping grooves of Sid Vaga and Rocco Careri’s latest tech house anthem, “What You’d Like.” This dynamic collaboration showcases the seamless fusion of their unique styles, resulting in a track that effortlessly blends groovy, pumping beats, catchy vocals and a contagious energy that will keep your feet stomping.

Sid Vaga and Rocco Careri bring their A-game with “What You’d Like,” delivering a sophisticated sonic journey that reflects their collective prowess in the tech house realm. The track unfolds with a driving bassline that sets the foundation, while the carefully crafted percussion elements create an irresistible groove.

But the journey doesn’t end there – Gunman, a perennial figure in house music (with releases on legendary labels like Cajual Rec., WOW Rec. and others), delivers a solid remix with Gunman’s signature bass-heavy flair and creative tonal twists.

Catalogue No.: LTFDIG053
Release Date: 29. March 2024

Album: Rollin’ Deep
Artist: Andree Wischnewski
Remixer: Wild und Verwegen
Cat.-No.: LTFDIG009

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