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Ausem FF

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Fabio Mezei and Finn Ernst, better known in the music industry as the up-and-coming DJ duo Ausem FF, are two longtime friends from the Wetzlar / Gießen area who have been sharing everything since childhood.
Everything has always been about not swimming with the stream, being free of all constraints, exploring new things. So they discovered their passion for electronic music and ultimately also for hanging up. Since October 2015, Ausem FF have been performing their musical journey together. Private house and bunker sessions were followed by ever larger gigs in cities such as Limburg, Koblenz, Kassel, Mainz and Frankfurt – with increasing fame.
The guys from Ausem FF have found their sound: the techno-orientated Techhouse with pounding basses and groovy highheads. With their unmistakable sound, Ausem FF  are Residents at Kickdown in Limburg and S38 in Koblenz. From the beginning of 2017, Ausem FF also wanted to dedicate themselves to producing tracks – with success. Their debut on My Favourite Freaks Music hit the dance floors hard. You sure will hear Ausem FF more often in the future!


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