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DJ Sniper

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3 times Kazakhstan Dj of the year! 2 decades behind the decks developing his own unique style. A crowd teaser and a crowd pleaser year after year, using House bullets that always spot on. Skilled, experienced, well-aimed. Watch out, Sniper!

Sniper has held residencies at some of the most famous nightclubs in Almaty and at some of the biggest music festivals and venues in Kazakhstan like Godskitchen, EXPO 2017 (opening ceremony), Ahead Party, Freedom, Full Moon, Sunset etc.

Sniper has performed at the Winter Music Conference/Miami Music Week 2015 (WMC Lobby Lounge opening set @Deaville) and  in 2016 again at the WMC stage @Shelbourne, El Patio Wynwood (The GANG Miami). Clubwork in Europe includes the legendary Culture Box Club in Denmark.

Sniper also hosts his own radio show on Kazakhstan`s most popular online radio NE.FM every saturday@21:00, GMT +6.


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Hi mate. Welcome to our gang of beautiful losers. How are you doing and what are your plans for today?

Hi mate, first of all thanks for having me as a guest DJ on the show. Super stoked to join the Louder than Famous label family. I am sure working with the team of like-minded people would be great! I am doing well. It’s Friday, tonight I’m performing at Dacha Almaty (one of my favourite places to play) therefore my plans are simple – House Music n Party all night long! U dig!

Please tell us a little bit about yourself. When did you first get in touch with electronic music? How would you describe your style?

My name is Denis, I’m 39 and I’m addicted to Music (House, Techno, Tech House, Deep). I was born and raised in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Started DJing in 1996, so it’s almost twenty-two years as a full time DJ since. I was influenced by Hip Hop/R&B scene at the very beginning of my career. Soon after that, I quickly got inspired by the house movement because of the energy and that ‘funky‘ feel in it. The first time I recognized the music for being something different, something made for a club, was Daft Punk’s Homework album in 1997-98. It’s always a tough question to describe your own style with words, I just say I play Tech House music that touches the crowd, that build a special vibe of joy & happiness. 😉

You are from Kazakhstan, right?  I guess a lot of people here in Europe don’t know much about the electronic music scene in your home country. Tell us a bit about the electronic music culture at home.

The club scene in Kazakhstan at the moment is a bit weird. There are many experienced and talented DJs truly passionate about music in Kazakhstan. People listening and love underground music, but we have only few venues/promoters focused on electronic music culture… Nothing special to be honest!

Please tell us a bit about your latest releases.

I’m still pumped about the latest release on Audio Rehab (one of the top Tech House music labels based in the UK for me) a two-track EP named Mashasn. The a-side track named Mashasn as well has received amazing feedback and was premiered by Data Transmission, supported/played by big names such as Idris Elba, Mark Radford, Low Steppa to name a few. Tracks were included in some globally known radio shows/podcasts – Traxsource Live, Night Owl Radio, Source and many more. So, it worked perfectly!

Your next release will be on Louder than Famous. Your track 2ME and MAKE U BELIEVE are really awesome. Did you have anything special in mind when you were in the studio producing these tracks? 

Thanks! Both tracks came together very organically. Vocals first, drums… bass… some layers… To me, a good piece of House Music should always have the groove. I’m always following my DJ instincts and ears to decide what’s good and what’s not, as long as I’m expressing myself when I’m making music, that ‘funky‘ feeling is always at the back of my mind. The end product is something I love spinning… Can’t wait for the release!

Which release gave you the most attention so far? Which one was the most successful one and why?

My track “In The Box” (released on Offsite Records, august 2015) made it into the Traxsource top ten, reached #9 in Techno charts and received some very positive feedback. To this day, every time that i play this track it goes off, feel-good vibes guaranteed! One of my proudest achievements so far.

Tell us a bit about your upcoming releases apart from the one we were just talking about. Is there anything special planned?

Few new releases are scheduled for the near future. There will be a cracking compilation on Audio Rehab London in March with my track included and I have another release coming in March/April on one very good label. 😉

When I was reading your bio I noticed that you are touring a lot. You have been playing at the Miami Music Conference twice. Tell us a bit about your experience. What is your favourite city or country and why?

Definitely – Miami! I love this city for so many reasons: Music, good times, gorgeous weather, beach, margaritas and of course, the parties, parties, tons of parties! The entire city dances its ass off for an entire week straight 24/7! March is the best time of year in Miami and WMC takes the cake. WMC/MMW is a great event to attend. I learned so much, made a ton of great contacts and new friends. If you never been to the Winter Music Conference in South Beach, you have to attend at least once, you will have an amazing time. And yeah, I’ve been lucky to play some really good showcases and parties in 2015 and 2016. It was special kinda feeling to spin some of my favorite records in Miami – happy days!

What were your TOP 3 gigs so far?

There were many memorable moments during my 21+ years of DJing! 😉 There have been some really special ones it’s so hard to pick favorites. Okay, I’ll try…

1st will be WMC lobby lounge DJ set @Shelbourne (Miami 2016) Winter Music Conference 30th anniversary – need i say more? I feel very lucky.

2nd – Definitely a night to remember at the legendary Culture Box Club (Denmark). The first time ever DJs from Kazakhstan performing in Europe. That party was a blast!

3rd – For almost 10 years i was the resident DJ at the one and only Da Freak Club (one of the largest and most important underground nightclubs in Kazakhstan) you know, every single Da Freak weekend was absolutely awesome and surely deserves the top spot on this list.

Are there any upcoming gigs that you are really looking forward to?

Really looking forward to Dacha 6th B-Day Party in March. it’s a great place to play, always packed with a very good mix of people (including plenty of foreigners) with a big focus on proper dance music. There are a few more parties, but that’s the one that’s stood out the most.

What are your current TOP 5 tracks that are really working on the dance floor in your sets at the moment?

There are so many fantastic labels and artists to follow out there! These are my current top 5. A massive THANK YOU goes out to everyone involved!

1. Dj Sniper – Make U Believe (Original Mix) [Louder than Famous]

2. Joeski & Doc Martin – Vajra Feat. Lillia (Original Mix) [Poker Flat]

3. James Dexter – That’s Life (Original Mix) [Gruuv]

4. Green Velvet & Mason Maynard – Auto Mate (Original Mix) [Relief]

5. Wave Crushers – Breakwater (Original Mix) [Wildtrackin]

Thanks so much for your time and this interesting interview. 

Huge thanks for having me! Showing Louder than Famous some love back. My debut EP on Louder than Famous soon! Stay tuned!

I wrote enough… time to listen to some House Muzik. Dance! Dance! Dance!