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John Baily

John Baily

Germany /


The ‘90s: the time when it all started for John. Influenced by DJ legends like Chris Liebing, Pascal Feos, and DJ Pierre (Kassel), listening to HR3 Clubnight, and his first visits to legendary clubs like Stammheim Kassel (Aufschwung Ost), U60 (Frankfurt), and Thuringian spots like WKS Schmalkalden, Atomic Ohrdruf, and Centrum Erfurt, sparked his passion for electronic music.

With two Technics MK1210 turntables he saved up for, John started his journey into the world of DJing. This marked the beginning of an unstoppable love for vinyl that still grows stronger today. Over the years, his collection has continuously expanded and now includes over 10,000 records. Each record tells its own story and mirrors John’s own musical journey.

Today, he’s well-known far beyond his home in Thuringia. Besides famous festivals like Feel and Electronic Green, John has also played at top clubs like Sisyphos (Berlin), Holy Poly (Osnabrück), Frau Tanz (Kassel), and Club Cubique in Innsbruck.

It doesn’t matter if it’s the opening, primetime, or aftershow, John’s sense for the crowd and the location always proves that he’s on fire for his passion: DJing.

Ask him about his sound, and he’ll describe it as energetic, driving, and captivating! It’s important to him that his diverse sets, which range from groovy tech house with African and South American percussion elements to driving techno bangers, bring the crowd together in tight spaces.

Since 2023, he’s focused more on producing and releasing tracks. Since then, John has released music on renowned labels like “Eisenwaren Music,” “Tillmoonshine Records,” and the Portuguese label “Ode to Bass Records.”


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