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Wild & Kins are following their passion for tasty electronic music since 2009. Nicolas (24) & Christian (23) from Montabaur (Germany) are connecting groovy tech-house sounds to a crispy kicking bassline, combined with harmonic melodies and colorful percussions. They spreaded the sweed sounds over the years at locations like Carpe Diem (Croatia), Terranza (Croatia), Nature One (Kastellaun), Marx Club (Luxembourg), Magdalena (Berlin), xxxx n.n./ IPSE (Berlin), Freudenreich (Berlin), a 3 year residency at Unter Tage & Über Tage (Koblenz), 56Grad Open Air (Enspel), Ruhr in Love (Oberhausen), Butan (Wuppertal), Artheater (Cologne), Tante Rike (Bonn), to name some.

The philosophy of everything is shown in their brand called “Sweed Music”, which was founded
as a company in 2011 to create events, publish sweed productions and provide shirts and ac- cessories.

Their crunchy sets are full of live edits, always with the usage of drum-pads, midi-controller and several effects for accessing nearly full control in designing the output. Every set is building up its own story, which takes the listener on a swinging trip through the playtime.

Similar to playing live, their productions have become characteristic by giving the sounds a spe- cial note, which is defined through flow & sweedness.

StyleRockets (GER), Formatik Records (GER), Bad Barbie Records (USA), Triplepoint (USA), My Favourite Freaks Music (GER), Lazy Luna (GER), Italo Business (ITA), 10:10 (USA), Kombo Records (BRA), Flat Belly Recordings (CHI), Gualan Records (USA), Habitat Music (GER), Global Echoes (GER), I Love Cookies (GER), and some more.

Much is baking for the future! Stay tuned & be sweed



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Hi mates and welcome to our gang of Louder than Famous. How are you guys doing and what are your plans for today?
Hey Mike, thanks for having us. We are doin pretty fine at the moment spending those darker & colder days in the studio! That’s what our day looks like – Working, producing, sleeping and having fun while doin it. Sometimes it is hard to keep everything in balance and not get exhausted by trying to fit everything in the schedule.

Please tell us a little bit about yourself. When did you first get in touch with electronic music? How would you describe your style?
We both had our hands on electronic music earlier, listening to the music, going to partys or festivals, watching guys play sets and trying out to mix ourselves. Aged 17 years, we came in the same class in school. So after a really short time of getting to know each other it was really clear, that we start a musical journey together. We had a big circle of friends, who were listening to the same style of music, so we pretty fast isolated ourselves from other musical genres.

First it was all about mixing and deejaing, but we shifted the paradigm to producing our own music really fast.

Our style is most of the time dancefloor related. We just love these ass shaking grooves and criminal basslines in house music, so that’s what we wanna achieve. Of course your mood plays always a big role – when you are kind of down, you write sad or aggressive music – depends how you wanna handle it. When you‘re happy you write kind of funny & tech-housy style. But all in all we try to center ourselves in the genre of house with jackin, deep & dubby influences.

Tell us a bit about your club work.
In the recent years we were a lot more active considering club work with residencies and a current ongoing schedule. But while getting older & wiser (hehe) we play a lot less, because we try to catch as much studio time as we can get. Playing music in clubs pushes you to a certain limit – when you nearly reached that, you have to ask yourselve, if you want to achieve more than that – if the answer is YES, you have to get your ass into the studio and produce steadily. It just takes a long time to get to know your software & hardware perfectly. Every project adds to your knowhow, so the musical opportunitys are increasing from track to track. Sometimes it is really interesting to see, how your own sound has changed over the years due to rising musical skills, a better understanding of everything and your changing musical tastes (which is closely related to your musical influences).

Since you guys are producing a lot…please tell us a bit about your forthcoming releases.
We are very productive at the moment, indeed. There are loads of projects and unfinished tracks on our harddrives, but we can’t find much time, to send them to fitting labels or do the finishing. Starting a new project seems like more fun instead of doing the fine tuning on existing projects. You know the struggle.. Nevertheless we have some upcoming releases fixed – there will be a vinyl release on Ale Castro’s „Love & Loop“ Label, which we are very looking forward to. Also, there will be a single on Rich vom Dorf’s „Tächno“, another release for Enzo Siffredi’s „Below the Belt“ and of course the second release for you guys – a kollabo EP with our guys from Ausem FF and Jansn, which we produced together in our studio in Montabaur.

Your next release will be on Louder than Famous. Did you have anything special in mind when you were in the studio producing these tracks?
As some might know, we are true 90’s Hip Hop Heads and we loving getting influenced by these mighty beats and flows. This is what happenend with the EP – we listenend a looooot to the Wu-Tang-Clan (of course) in our early days. Years later, while producing house music, we recognized that certain elements of hip hop fit extremely well in housy dance music, like vocals of the mc, percussion elements or different melodie chops. Even strinking samples can be completely new intepretated on a 4/4 kick. That can give you some complete new atmosphere, while still having the connection to the „old“ original.

„Tiger Style“ started with a wobbling bassline, which was backed up by crispy percussions and a nice Wu vocal. We are very happy with the result on that one! While „S.P.R.E.A.D.“ has been built around that famous „Gravel Pit“ Sample (Belphegor Theme), that everyone had as a constant earwig in the early days. Just such a solid record, even years after it! We combined it with an interview by the clan, which gave the track a nice overall mood. The 3rd track of the EP, „Pharaoh Funk Chamber“ was originally a really funky track, which received a complete oriental make over. You just cannot keep your turban still while listening to this gem.

Which release gave you the most attention so far? Which one was the most successful one and why?
We were pretty happy how things went with our new release on Enzo Siffredi’s „Below the Belt“ (out October 2018), reaching the Jackin House Charts on Traxsource with all 3 tracks (Down Here Underground #23). The kollabo with Chris Hartwig, which came out some years ago was charted by Format:b and other nice names in the scene.

Our „Pushin In“ EP on Lazy Luna was hitting a lot of playlists and received good support over all.

But our more minimal style releases still get a lot of attention, even tough we would never produce or play this kind of music any more.. 😀

Since you are touring a lot, which country and city have been the most memorable ones?
Croatia had always been nice to us. The gigs at Hvar were super nice and we always made some days holidays there, so only good memories! Berlin, of course, brings us a lot of fun and joy every visit. We have a lot of friends there, so it’s everytime something special playing there.

What were your TOP 3 gigs so far?
Well, one of the top gigs was definatelly our visit to Carpe Diem Beach Croatia, a true paradise party island with people from the whole world! Also, we have to mention our debut in Luxemburg at Marx in 2017. Funny side story – we had a gig some hours before in Koblenz (Farbfestival), so there was only very short time window. While reaching Luxemburg, our navigation app on the handy broke down, because the internet was cut down reaching foreign countries. So we had to ask ourselves through Luxemburg (luckily it is not that big :D) to find the club and arrived like 5 minutes before playtime. Touring professionals level 2000! Another special event was the „Anders tanzen“ happening with Tube & Berger, also some years ago, in Koblenz by house daddy Babor. A lot of familiar faces, a burning vibe and quality house music all night long. You simply cannot get enough of that…

Are there any upcoming gigs that you are really looking forward to?
While Christmas is coming with big steps, we are looking forward to opening a historic christmas market in Hadamar (1st December@Historic Castle), like last year. And of course our event in our hometown Montabaur at the 23rd December. Ho ho ho.

As we said before, our main attention goes to studio work. We made some nice progressions in short time and wanna add to that, so be prepared for a lot of new shit! Protect ya neck!

What are your current TOP 5 tracks that are really working on the dance floor in your sets at the moment?
I think one of our go-to-tracks atm is the „Champion Sound“ Remix by Neverdogs. We just played it so many times and sampled the bassline for the next minutes, because it just always kicks us.. I mean alllways 😀

Alessio Cala has been on our radar for a short time, thanks to bombs like „Question for you“! And for sure Bassel Darwish. He has just a constand quality output with tracks like „Low Fire“ or „Hero“.

And last but not least a little self promo – our tracks „Gurus“ and „Down Here Underground“ from our new EP on „Below The Belt“ are in our rotation of course. So nice to see, how much love the people give us when we play it out! Such a soothing feedback

And, regarding forthcoming releases, we can warmly recommend you „Tiger Style“. Step up your shaolin shadow boxing game!

Thanks so much for your time and this interesting interview.