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We are thrilled to welcome John Baily to the Louder than Famous family. John’s debut on Louder than Famous comes with 2 solid tech house stompers – „Antares“ and „Wega“.

Antares opens with a driving beat and quickly draws the listener in with a commanding presence, driven by a solid and massive bassline that anchors the track from start to finish. What truly sets „Antares“ apart are the rythmic arpeggios that emerge before and in the breakdowns adding an almost hypnotic quality to the track, juxtaposing the heavy bass with a light touch.

On the flip side “Wega” continues to showcase Baily’s creative versatility. The track also opens with a driving beat and features a robust bass line that drives the rhythm forward with relentless energy. However, it is the hip hop rap vocals in the breakdown that truly distinguish “Wega” from its counterparts. These vocals add a gritty, urban texture to the track.

Catalogue No.: LTFDIG056
Release Date: 9. August 2024

Album: Journey
Artist: Sommerer
Remixer: –n/a–
Cat.-No.: LTFDIG011

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