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Sid Vaga

Sid Vaga



Sid Vaga took control over the turntables in 1999 and since then never stopped. Based in New York’s Lower East Side this French DJ with Caribbean roots, has played in countless NightClubs, Festivals and Afterhours from Berlin to Colombia.

A House Music lover, born in Paris; Fortunate enough to overhear influences and cool music as the little brother of a pure funk and jazz-music seeker. Writing down names while going through his big brother’s Music collection, Sid found himself in the middle of a bunch of fusion-jazz, funk, b-side disco, afro-beat, brazilian, latin music and Hip Hop records. Infecting his mind with slapping groovy basslines, seductive drums and horn sections, dissecting sounds while understanding that silence and even that crispy but charming vinyl crackle can be used as a musical note and convey emotion.

That passion for sharing music and making people dance took Sid to meet the crowds of Berlin, Mexico, Barcelona, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Morocco, Serbia and of course his hometown Paris. His contagious music along skillful and powerful mixes has achieved him respect between colleagues and DJ Sets in EXIT Festival in Serbia, Châlet Club in Berlin, We L?VE Summer in Morocco and La Reina Roja Rooftop Party during the BPM Festival closing night. 

His positive vibe has been felt in the dancefloors of well known New York venues like CIELO, PANTHER ROOM, PACHA NYC, LE BAIN, APT, The Stranger and most recently at Jolene in Brooklyn.

Sid has shared stage along House Music legends like Joeski, Tony Touch, Roy Davis JR, YoKOo, Peter Kruder, Funk D’Void, Oscar Barila, Nickodemus, Hector Romero, Timid Boy among many others. 

He is busy making and releasing original tracks with the likes of Roland Clark, Roy Davis JR, on Record Labels such as Kling Klong Records, My Favourite Freaks, Great Stuff, 1980, 33Music, Wonderwheel and Turntables on The Hudson and was remixed by Nathan Barrato, Davina Moss, Echoboy, Dan Mckie and Robot Needs Oil to name a few.




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