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Sommerer is one of Colognes’ most promising new talents. Nico got in touch with electronic music back in 2010 and almost immediatly fell in love with it. These pumping beats and endless energy, the deep and wobbling basslines and emotions transported simply blew his mind.

In 2012 Sommerer and his mates started their own event series – with success. It didn’t took long until Sommerer started to play at other local events such as “Liebevoll Tanzen”, one of Cologne’s best underground electronic music festival. Regular gigs and bookings in well-reknown clubs like Tante Rike (Bonn), Art Theater (Cologne), Tanztal Festival (Nürburgring, Germany)  and Zimmermanns (Cologne) amongst others followed.

In 2015 Sommerer started his first attempts in professional music production. Developing his skills and knowledge constantly Nico took his musical abilities to a new level. Nicos’  approach to electronic music has always been deep,   pumping and melodious – rythmically driving tech house that keeps your feet stomping whilst your mind goes onto a journey to places far away.

Nicos’ productions are influenced by various styles across all types of music. Having been a musician for more than 10 years now and playing various instruments,  Nicos’ music has its very own special touch that also gets reflected when spinning the decks.

We are more than happy to have Nico on board and are looking forward to his debut EP “Crazy Animals” coming this summer to your local online record dealer.


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